Business Liability

Let’s explore the different types of business liability coverage, with a focus on General Liability (GL) and Business Owner’s Policy (BOP):

  1. General Liability Insurance (GL):
    • What It Covers:
      • GL insurance protects your business if it’s sued for causing harm or damage to someone else or their property.
      • It covers medical expenses, property repairs, legal costs, and settlements up to the policy limit.
    • Examples:
      • A customer slips on a loose tile in your store and gets injured. GL insurance can cover their medical costs.
      • If your product is defective and needs a recall, product liability insurance (a subset of GL) can cover those expenses.
      • It’s essential for most businesses to have GL coverage.
  2. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP):
    • What It Is:
      • A BOP combines several essential coverages into one package, tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.
      • Typically includes general liability, property insurance, and business interruption coverage.
    • Benefits:
      • Cost-Effective: BOP bundles coverages, often at a lower cost than purchasing them separately.
      • Comprehensive Protection: It covers property damage, bodily injury, and business interruption due to covered events.
      • Simplified Management: One policy streamlines administration for busy business owners.

Remember, understanding your specific business needs is crucial to creating policies with the correct coverage.

“Ensuring Comprehensive Business Protection: Certificates of Insurance (COIs) Delivered Promptly”

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